Going somewhere, somehow, sometime soon…

Sharon and I have been thinking lately…

Who: The Nichols Family

Sharon and I along with Oh’rion, Jake, Casie Opia, Crack Kitty and pathetic Cat…

What: About Moving

A lot of things are going into this decision, and the decision isn’t final yet, but as we get older the idea of putting things off looks less desirable and the idea of doing what we want now while we can still enjoy it looks more desirable. As we evaluate our options this site will chronicle what we are looking at and why. The blog will be for our “current thinking” updating as we learn more and more about our options and the requirements, costs and timelines. Pages will document our considerations and research results into legal and practical issues involved.

Where: Ecuador

An initial browsing of other countries immigration laws, climate, culture and cost of living has narrowed the potential destinations down a lot. Had we decided to move sooner (in our 50’s instead of 60’s) we would have had more options. Ecuador appears “ideal”, but then the grass is always greener – right? So, we are going to take a while and evaluate everything we can think of before finalizing the decision. We may even find – or maybe some of your can suggest – other options before we make our decision.

When: Soon

Well, as soon as practical, probably within a year if we decide we are going to do it.

Why: Healthcare

The main reason is the need for healthcare since as we age the need for quality affordable healthcare becomes more of a concern and it looks like Medicare is about to change into a voucher system or go away.

There are other reasons too, such as wanting to see more of the world now that we are retired an while we are still able to enjoy being tourists. Wanting to be located closer to more options, like colleges, dining, entertainment, etc.

Another “why” for Sharon is culture.  Since she was born and raised in California, the south is a culture shock to her. The Ecuadorian city she is looking at initially, Cuenca, is reported to be very European in flavor.  This is very appealing to both of us.