There are so many things to consider, where to start?

Since I have never been to Ecuador and do not even know anyone who has been to Ecuador, the first step is to visit the country and determine if it is a place we would be happy calling home.  I have applied for a passport.  This is the first step in visiting Ecuador. Frank claims that he doesn’t need to visit Ecuador, that he will be fine with it.

We don’t speak Spanish.  I had Spanish throughout grammar school and junior high.  I believe this qualifies me to speak with anyone else who has had grammar school Spanish.  I suspect native speakers would not understand me. We are starting to work on this with the Rosetta Stone course. Moving to a country where my native language is not spoken is frightening. hopefully, taking the Rosetta Stone course will alleviate this concern.

The house and land will need to be put on the market once we have made a firm decision to move. We will have paid off the extra 5 acre plot in October of this year, so this seems like a good target date to at least make a decision about the move.

An important consideration, when thinking about an international move, is the animals.  I have no special attachment to the ducks and chickens.  I am certain that they can be rehomed easily.  the dogs and cats are a different matter entirely. I want to take them with us. This opens a Pandora’s box of issues: how do we get them there?  Once we are there, can we find a furnished rental with 3 dogs and 2 cats?

We need to find a reasonably economic way to move two cats and three dogs, including two that weigh about 100 pounds each, to Ecuador.  Driving to Ecuador seems the most reasonable option, at this point and sounds like a true adventure. And we get to see 8 different countries on the way!

I have so many concerns: Is it safe? Will the cost be prohibitive?


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