OMG, No Road from Panama to Ecuador!

It turns out that there is no way to drive between Panama and Ecuador. There is a 60 mile stretch if jungle with no roads. So much for driving to Ecuador. It looks like we will need to leave the car behind and fly.

The thought of selling the car and flying to a country where I know no one and don’t speak the language is a bit frightening to me.  What if it doesn’t work out and we have to come back? Cars are essential to life in the US.  It would be difficult to afford buying a car, in addition to other moving expenses, if we decided that Ecuador wouldn’t work for us, or if Trump does something to anger Ecuador and the kick out all U.S. expats.

Frank came up with a perfect solution to this dilemma. We will sell the care to his daughter Rachel for $1, with the understanding that she will sell it back for $1 if Ecuador doesn’t work out for us. If we decide that we will stay in Ecuador indefinitely, Rachel will first right to buy the car from us for $3000. It’s a perfect solution! Rachel is even willing to drive down to pick up the car.

My next concern was for the logistics of a move. I pictured Frank and I wandering the streets of Cuenca with three dogs, two cats, plus luggage, looking for a place to stay in a foreign city where we don’t speak the language, wandering into dark and dangerous streets unaware.  This is not a pretty picture.

The solution: Once we are sure we want to move Frank flies out one or two weeks early and finds a rental for us. I fly out with the animals. Frank meets me at the airport. We all pile into a rented bussito and travel to our new residence. Easy peasy! Then we rent month to month until we either lave or find a perfect home for long term rental or purchasing.

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