Cheap phones for our visit

Well, I got one of these to see if it would be okay to use when we visit Cuenca, Ecuador. It is a full blown (almost) smart phone for $60.
While we are a Apple house, Apple does not sell a CHEAP cell phone, and everything we have read says to avoid flashing your expensive toys around, or someone will take them from you. We initially intended to get flip phones, and found this one while searching.
First impression is this is a decent phone – well worth more than the retail price and a great value at $60 (if you don’t mind amazon ads). Since we shop a lot at Amazon, the ads don’t bother me.
The phone is actually very slow according to benchmarks, it is about 32,000 while the iPhone 7 (shorans) is about 180,000. But, even so, I don’t feel any lagging or stuttering. The speed issue is purely a function of gaming from what I can see – 3d games tend to drag themselves along. That is fine with us, we don’t play racing or combat games on our phones. For all the things we do, growing, email, Facebook, calls, etc, etc, etc. The phone is very snappy.
A second point everyone complains about with this phone is the camera is ONLY 8 MegaPixels. I took some existing light photos at night with it and I think they are fine for posting on FB and our web site.
Android is android – what can I say, there are things that annoy me (my being an Apple fan bois) but I can live with them.
So, it looks like we will each take one of these and if someone there decides they need it more than us, it will not be a great loss – compared to the $800 price sticker on Sharons iPhone 7.

BLU R1 HD – Amazon Prime Special

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