New Immigration and Tourist VISA law – February 2017

On Friday, January 6, was approved, in second debate, the new immigration law. Only the approval of President Rafael Correa is missing, which will be given in approximately one month if he does not propose changes.

By now these are the changes:

Article 56. – The tourist visa is for 90 days in the period of one year from the date of the first entry, and may be extended or extended for a single time up to 90 additional days, applying for the request and paying the fee.

If the foreigner is interested in extending his stay as a tourist for a maximum period of one year, they must apply for a special tourist visa, but they cannot carry out any activity other than tourism, demonstrating the economic solvency that allows that time to remain in the country Ecuador and paying the government fee.

All foreigners who come as tourists must have health insurance for the duration of their stay in Ecuador.

Article 60. – Temporary Residency is considered for any foreigner who enters Ecuador with the categories indicated below, will be entitled to a visa of 2 years, and can be renewed once.

1. Worker, The visa authorizes you to perform any work activity under a dependency relationship whether in the public sector, private or autonomously.

2. Pensioner. The foreigner who brings in his own resources, coming from incomes that produce or any other type of licit income, coming from abroad, or that counts on resources coming from Ecuadorian source.

3. Retired, the foreigner who has a retired pension abroad whose amount allows him to cover the expenses to remain in Ecuador.

4. Investor, a foreigner who has assets and economic resources of legal origin to carry out acts of production and trade

5. Scientist, researcher or academic: foreigner engaged in scientific, research or academic activities, contracted by public or private entities.

6. Sportsman, artist, cultural manager: foreigner hired by natural or juridical persons to carry out activities of this nature.

7. Religious or religious volunteer of an organization recognized by Ecuador.

8. Volunteer: foreigner who individually or with the support of a non-profit organization but voluntarily provides services to the community.

9. Student: foreigner who enters the country to undertake basic, secondary, undergraduate or postgraduate studies, with regular attendance at public or private institutions recognized by the Ecuadorian Government.

10. Professional, technical, technologist or craftsman: Foreigner who wants to pursue a profession or technical, technological or craft activity.

11. Resident by agreement. Foreigner who enters Ecuador under an international agreement signed by Ecuador.

12. Dependents: Children and spouse or partner in union of the holder.

13. Persons in international protection. Persons who have been recognized by Ecuador as asylum, refugee or stateless persons who do not meet the requirements to opt for a visa indicated above.

Article 61.-Temporary visa requirements:

1) Document proving the visa that will apply:

2) Minimum valid passport for 6 months.

3) Criminal records of your country or those who have resided in the last 5 years. (Note: the requirement for federal states will be the one that corresponds to national and state of residence).

4) Not to be considered a threat to the internal security of the country.

5) To accredit the licit means of subsistence of the applicant and the family nucleus.

Once the visa is granted, the foreigner must join either Social Security or private insurance.

Article 63. – Permanent Residence.

1) Accomplish at least 21 months as a temporary resident

2) Valid passport at least 6 months

3) Criminal record of Ecuador for the temporary stay under the temporary visa (Note: if you go to your country or where you have resided for the last five years, you must present the criminal record)

4) Not to be considered a threat to the internal security of the country.

5) To accredit the licit means of subsistence of the applicant and the family nucleus.

Summarizing, the changes we can highlight are these:

1. After 90 days (T3) you can request an extension of 90 days paying government fee.
2. There is a special visa only for tourism for 1 year.
3. Temporary residence is 2 years renewable once, with requirements that are like those of permanent residence at present. The visa requires affiliation to Ecuadorian social insurance or private insurance.
4. A permanent visa requires at least 21 months of temporary residence.


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