Goals for Our Visit

The purpose of this post is to brainstorm things we need to determine from our visit to Ecuador. The purpose of the visit is not primarily to  take a vacation, but to determine if we want to live there.

  • Can we live with the internet? Install WoW on the laptop and try using it in Cuenca.  Try logging in to Netflix and streaming videos.
  • The best way to buy quality food at a reasonable price is in the local market. We need to try shopping in the local market. Issues: haggling, language, culture.
  • What is a reasonable expectation for living expenses?  We need to connect with expats and find out from the locals what is reasonable.  We need to determine what neighborhoods would work for us, visit them at various times during the day, and determine prices for rentals.
  • We expect to not have a car.  We need to spend time trying the various types of transportation to be certain that we will be able to get to the places we need to go.  Issues: language, culture, safety.
  • How much of a problem is crime? Again, we need to connect with expats and pay attention to what level of security people use. Are there bars, fences, barbed wire, guard dogs everywhere?  Is this going to be a problem?  Since we don’t live extravagantly, I am more concerned that our dogs might be poisoned . We will need to train them to only eat what we give them.  This is essential!
  • Will the altitude be a problem for us? At least we won’t have to go out of our way to answer this question.
  • Will the local cuisine make us sick?  We need to be sure to eat the foods we would anticipate eating if we lived there.
  • Check on availability of beauty salons that would be acceptable.
  • Check on maid service
  • Check on price and quality of clothing.
  • Check on assisted living cost and quality
  • Check on IT manager positions in hospitals
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