Renting in Cuenca: Furnished Vs Unfurnished

Frank and I are having discussions on renting furnished Vs unfurnished, and Frank suggested that I add a post on the issue.

Furnished, pros

  • Less outlay of cash initially
  • Less expensive if we decide that Cuenca isn’t going to work for us and we leave six months later
  • Faster, easier set-up of household

Unfurnished, pros

  • We would be starting with furniture that we like. We would be able to choose furniture that we find comfortable and appealing. ┬áRenting furnished would mean that we take whatever is available because we would be basing our choice on the residence, not the furniture. Furniture in furnished residences is typically cheap, uncomfortable, and often ugly.
  • The monthly rental fee would be lower (possibly $200 per month or more)
  • Our animals wreak havoc on furniture. If it is our own furniture, we won’t have the expense of repair/replacement when the rental period ends.
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