Getting There

Good suggestions for things to take:

It looks like Delta Cargo will ship at reasonable rates.

we are estimating $400 or less to transport the household goods we will need

Transportation from the US to Ecuador

we need to know how to transport the dogs and cats to Ecuador.

United looks like the best option for transporting our animals. They have a climate-controlled cabin for pets. Estimate: $800 for all 5

$250 each for Jake and Rion

$100 each for Cassie and Fonzy to travel as carry-on, about $100 to ship Neesie.

Tickets for Frank and me:

$165 each

So far, it looks like $1500 to get there, plus fees for extra bags. Call it $2000. (Our tax refund should essentially cover this.)

Rent for bussito to travel from Quito to Cuenca:$300

2 New Laptop computers – between $450 and $550